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How to find lost dividends or shares

Do you think you may have lost dividends or shares? Or perhaps you have unclaimed money that belongs to you?

Locating lost shares can be more complex than locating a lost bank account or pension, but there are ways in which you can locate any dividends, shares and money owed to you.

At Australian Share Registry, we understand that life can be hectic, and shares can be lost mistakenly, simply by moving house, changing jobs, getting married (or divorced), taking out a life insurance policy, having unused bank accounts, a relative pass away or having suffered a loss through flood or fire. It is likely that you may have some entitlements recorded that you are unaware of.

To determine if you, a spouse, or family company are possible recipients of unclaimed monies arising from compulsory acquisition of shares, the distribution of a dividend, you first need to contact the share registry for that company. In some cases, your money may have been overturned to a state or territory government department, in which case you would need to submit a claim to recover the money from them. Each state or territory in Australia has a Office of State Revenue, Department of Treasury or Public Trustee that holds unclaimed money in trust.

To determine if you may still have a share holding, you need to phone the relevant share registry for the particular company you believe you may have shares in. To find out which share registry to phone, visit the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) website,, and type the Company Name. You can then select the details tab to find information on the Share Registry for that company. If your company does not show on the ASX website, it may have been delisted from the ASX.



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